Easy Steps To Follow In Using Google Opinion Rewards In Exchange Of Google Play Credit

By stphntapulao , Dec 28, 2016 07:58 PM EST

Google Opinion Rewards has been making noise in the online community ever since its release. It is an application that would let Google users answer surveys and questionnaires in the hopes of getting a Google Play Credit. It has been a win-win situation between the Google itself and its users, as they have understands consumers' point of view and a Google Play credit has been given respectively.

Tips And Tricks In Getting Google Play Credit, Google Opinion Rewards Are of Great Help

According to The Country Caller, Google Opinion Rewards would not let your privacy be given up at they promote confidentiality and user's security. Those who would answers the set of questions given would be completely anonymous and would be given Google Credits easily.

To have a great chance of getting a credit, first, users should go to Location Settings and switch from Location Mode to GPS only. After that, open Play Store and download the app 'Fake GPS' by ByteRev. Once done, install the application 'Psiphon'.

Once everything is installed, go to Settings, click Developer Options and tap Select mock location app. From this, users should choose Fake GPS.

Open installed 'Fake GPS' and go to New York, press Start. After that, open Psiphone and click on Tunnel Whole Device. Once done, go to Options and click United States from region. Then, create a Google Account (Setting à Accounts à Add New Google Account). Make sure to fill up necessary information to complete the whole process.

Once finished, open Play Store and install Google Opinion Rewards. Open the app and then enter your name and '11413' as your Postal Code. Answer all questions given and enter again the NYC Zip code.

Then users will be prompted to answer a survey that would lead to an exchange of Google Play Credit.

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