Hackers Use WhatsApp To Invade User's Privacy, Here's How

Hackers have been very visible these past few years. With smartphones and devices releasing from time to time, there is also multiple viruses that are equally going out online as well. Lately, there have been reported viruses that scatter around the application WhatsApp through excel files and word documents. Reports told that through this, sensitive information is stolen and is being used to commit crimes.

WhatsApp Has Been Used To Get Banking Information From Its Users, Here's An Update Regarding The Hackers

According to BGR, WhatsApp has been greatly connected with Android users. However, there is no specific operation system included in the report but rest assured that iPhone products are not affected with it. Sources told that the viruses spreading in WhatsApp have been spotted in India only. Reports told that the low-end smartphones in India could be one of the main reasons why the virus easily invaded the country. India has been known to run older versions of Android on their smartphones.

Furthermore, hackers are using trusted organizations to confuse users and eventually click on the attachment in the message. Documents being sent are usually in Word, Excel or PDF format. Through clicking this, they could eventually get into your personal data like PIN codes and banking information.

Officials have already given their statements regarding the hacking issues:

"As these two organizations are very popular and known within the country and abroad and there is a curiosity about them, it is possible that it may affect the mobile phones of people interested in these subjects,"

"However, it has been analyzed that the men and women in defense, paramilitary and police forces could be the target groups."

How Could Users Avoid Hackers Online?

With all of this, there have been series of recommendation to follow in order to avoid potential hackers of your account. Reports revealed that the best way to safeguard your personal information is to avoid clicking links online and to limit the applications being used in your devices.

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