‘Kingdom Hearts III' Latest Update Reveals New Looks For Riku And Mickey

Everybody is excited for the upcoming video game, “Kingdom Hearts III” and fans could not be any more eager as more updates have been dropped. Square Enix just recently released new announcements on the said video game and one it was the unveiling of new looks for some of the favorite main in-game characters.

Just recently, Square Enix released updates regarding the development of the anticipated “Kingdom Heart III”, which was officially introduced by Sony at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013 (E3 2013) event in June. One of the updates revealed King Mickey, who is Mickey Mouse himself but only entitled with royalty in this game, and Riku with new outfits. This information was revealed by one of the video game’s directors, Tetsuya Nomura after he sat down for a recent interview.

Though the new looks have yet to be displayed, Nomura has confirmed that the additional outfits for King Mickey and Riku has already been completed and is ready. Confident about the outcome of the new clothes, the said director further revealed that Riku’s new look has been based on what he wore in the “Kingdom Hearts X” Third Anniversary key art illustration. In the said illustration, the silver-haired character was garbed in a dark hooded cloak, which was far cry from his usual bright outfit of white, yellow, and blue.

The new outfits were revealed alongside the new character customization feature that the developer has added to the game. Nomura said that the customization feature was placed in the game because they wanted to add something fun that gamers can do while playing. King Mickey and Riku will reportedly have bigger roles in the upcoming video game sequel as more Disney Worlds have been teased to appear.

Kingdom Hearts III” is the eleventh main installment in the “Kingdom Hearts” series, which started in 2002. The upcoming crossover role-playing video game was barely put into development after Nomura turned down the project years ago since he was still working on “Final Fantasy XV” then. But thankfully, even if the release date has yet to be determined, Square Enix will be releasing “Kingdom Hearts III” on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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