A New Apple Watch Will Be Released In Q3 Of 2017 With An Improved Battery Life

Apple lovers will have a great time this year, given the fact that the Cupertino company will release incredible products that will blow everyone´s mind and increase its power in the market. One of these will be a new Apple Watch that would be way more extraordinary than the previous models since the tech giant managed to improve a field which many customers were complaining.

The New Apple Watch Doesn't Have Any More Major Improvements

According to 9 to 5 Mac, the improved field is the battery life, which now will offer a longer durability for anyone that loves to wear this device without having to concern about running out of battery in short term. However, the Apple Watch will not be released right now, since the reports suggest that it would be available by the third quarter of 2017, which is not exactly something that customers would love.

Also, another issue about the new Apple Watch is the fact that there won´t be major improvements in this device, which represent a wrong move from the Cupertino company, given the fact that everyone expected this year to be a moment in which most of its products would wear incredible innovations.

The New Apple Watch Will Look Exactly As The 2015 Model

As reported by Mac Rumors, the worst detail about the lack of improvements in the new Apple Watch is that there´s not a single change in the design, which means that this device won´t look precisely as a new product, which is a thing that Apple customers loves, considering that the tech giant used to change the appearance of its newest device. In fact, the upcoming Apple Watch will probably look exactly as the model released in early 2015.

Apparently, this wearable device will be manufactured by Quanta, a Taiwan-based company that was also responsible for Apple´s first and second-generation smartwatch´s production. Although its design will not blow your hair back, having a better battery life and performance will definitely make the new Apple Watch a product that must definitely buy this year.

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