Unexpectedly Disappointing Video Games In 2016: They Could Have Done Better

Unexpectedly Disappointing Video Games In 2016: They Could Have Done Better
2016 was filled with various video game releases and there are two video games that are infamous for being unexpectedly disappointing. Find out what these games are and why. Photo : PlayStation/YouTube

Last year has seen a lot of video games released, with a handful of notable ones being recognized not just in the gaming industry but also gaining worldwide attention. So, there were great video games and there were fairly good ones but it can never happen that there is no bad game in every year. A number of video games have so far caught the eyes of many and unfortunately lit the fire for being unexpectedly disappointing despite the hype they built.

Hello Game’s “No Man’s Sky”

The infamous video game, “No Man’s Sky” sadly takes the top spot for being the most disappointing game that was released last year. The developers of this game, Hello Games, have earnestly promoted it and had people believing that it was actually a great game. In fairness to them, the promotional teasers did look good and many gamers looked forward to its release, which was in August 2016.

The pre-release of “No Man’s Sky” was greatly received that it earned some titles such as Best Original Game and Best Independent Game from various critics. But unfortunately the good tidings did not last long especially when the game was finally released. It received mixed reviews but mostly negative because of the surprising outcome.

“No Man’s Sky” was a video game that boasted a survival adventure wrapped in worlds never seen before. Players can explore, do things to survive, engage in combat, and get into trading but that was just about it. The gameplay was the letdown in the video game because it was so unpredictably monotonous because of repeated objectives and the endless flying around in a galaxy that players eventually grew sick of it.

Ubisoft’s “Tom Clancy’s The Division”

Tom Clancy’s The Divison” was not a bad game at all and in fact it was quite an enjoyable video game that kept players wanting for more. And sadly it ended with that, players wanting for more. “The Division” was released in March 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It was pretty much the reason why Activision’s “Destiny” suffered a drastic loss of players.

Both “The Division” and “Destiny” were open world first-person shooter video games but were set in different worlds. While “Destiny” gives players a science fiction adventure because of its space setting, “The Division” was more realistic. “Tom Clancy’s The Division” though had more features and it was fun meeting up with random players online all over the world to complete quests and obtain high-level equipment.

“Tom Clancy’s The Division” had so much potential that it was rather disappointing when the updates did not do much to keep its players, let alone attract more. So, yes, the Ubisoft video game was most likely dropped and overshadowed by “Overwatch” when Blizzard Entertainment released it in May 2016 but somehow the updates were no good. Eventually, “The Division” can turn into an easy beatable stroll especially once all the available quests have already been completed and players grew wary having to protect their loots during extraction missions in the dark zones.

There may have been more unexpectedly disappointing video games released in 2016 but these two aforementioned titles take the cake for dampening high expectations from gamers who eagerly waited for their releases. Hopefully, this year will see lesser disappointing video games and more ones that will take the breath of gamers away and blows players’ minds.

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