Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Details Leaked; 4k Resolution, Edge-To-Edge Foldable Screen, And VR Support Highly Probable

A leak has just surfaced detailing some of the possible features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

After hitting rock bottom with the Galaxy Note 7 catastrophe, Samsung has nowhere to go but up. And they intend to do just that with a string of impressive devices announced recently. Add to that the surfacing of this new leak from MobySmartCat which gives fans a peak of what the next flagship phablet will be like.

4K Display

The next phablet will have a flexible screen with a 4K resolution which will eventually lead to better virtual reality functions. In fact, the leak says the Galaxy Note 4 will connect to the Gear VR.

Edge-To-Edge Foldable Display

According to the leak, the Galaxy Note 8 will sport a 5.7-inch foldable display which can be unfolded to become a 6.2-inch device.


The device will also have an advanced AI in the form of Bixby which has been talked about since it was trademarked back in October last year. Bixby is expected to be better than previous AIs such as Siri and Google Assistant as it will have better integration with other devices including VR headsets, smartwatches, and smart home appliances.

Battery Issues

Samsung will finally reveal the results of its investigation regarding its exploding Galaxy Note 7s later this month. In the meantime, it has decided to cease its previous practice of testing and using its own batteries. Instead, the Korean company will be leaning on archrival LG to provide the batteries for its devices until it has resolved all issues. The deal with LG is nearing completion.

Other Features

The video by MobySmartCat also talked about other features including the ditching of the home button (another factor that may lead to better VR experience), Snapdragon 830, 3.2 GHz, 6GB of RAM, 30MP camera, and Stylus Pen support.

Samsung is expected to reveal more about the Galaxy Note 7 after it has dealt with the Note 7 brouhaha this month.

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