Central Park Dark Zone Coming To Tom Clancy's The Division?

Ever since the release of update 1.4, Tom Clancy's The Division is pretty much on a stable run. Well, at least for the time being. Also, there have been lots of things happening within the game. From new features to whatnots, developer Massive was definitely on the roll. Now, there are speculations that a Dark Zone version of the Central Park might just arrive to the game soon.

According to GameRant, Tom Clancy's The Division dataminers were able to discover the aforementioned location as a new addition to the game. That it could be Dark Zone's newest expansion. If this is true, this is certainly a huge boost.

It's safe to say that Tom Clancy's The Division players are now anticipating what kind of new stuff Massive will introduce. And if the talks about the Central Park Dark Zone is true, then the whole community is in for a huge treat. But wait, there's actually more to that.

The publication also notes that there are a couple of interesting additions coming to Tom Clancy's The Division, too. This includes the likes of brand new PvP activities and lots of fresh items for players to acquire. This datamining shenanigan was all thanks to a Reddit user by the name of iamunkn0wn, who suggests that the studio might be planning to expand the Dark Zone further.

All of the aforementioned discoveries were said to have been added to update 1.5 of Tom Clancy's The Division. Of course, the only catch is that they remain unofficial and have yet to find their way to the game. Regardless, it's a wondering thing to look forward to.

It's also worth noting that an expansion to the Dark Zone of Tom Clancy's The Division is what most players have been clamoring for. Most, if not all of them, felt like the current ones being offered lack excitement and whatnot. So, in a sense, it's only right that Massive will bring another one.

As of this writing, the studio has remained mum about the aforesaid Tom Clancy's The Division discoveries. So despite them being an interesting thing to have, they should be taken as a grain of salt. Unless of course if the developers say so.

What are your thoughts on a Dark Zone Central Park in Tom Clancy's The Division? What about the other interesting stuff rumored to arrive to the game? What are your expectations? Let us know what your thoughts are at the comment section below!

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