Capcom 2017: ‘Deep Down’ Still No Update Since 2014; Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite’s Gameplay Focus Will Surprise Gamers

Capcom's last batch of updates for the upcoming RPG game Deep Down were given in 2014. Unfortunately, it was also the last, as no updates have been provided until now.

Deep Down Has No Update For PS4 Exclusive From Capcom Since 2014

According to reports, the Capcom's official website has been completely mum, and not even Deep Down screenshots and trailers were posted. In fact, the only time the game appeared was during a short glimpse of footage in a recruitment trailer, which was not even solely about the game.

Capcom, on the other hand, said that the project is still on-going, and that the game will return with a different and expanded vision. However the continuing silence from the company and the lack of details have been the concern for a lot of fans that were captivated by the explosive presentation of the game.

Capcom's Deep Down reportedly had a number of promise, yet for now, nothing is clear about its future. This is largely due to the continued silence of Capcom and the demands for extensions to the trademark through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In fact, the last of Capcom's request was reportedly granted in August, which is set to expire on Feb. 9, DualShockers reported.

Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite Story Set To Focus On Mega Man X

Capcom has reportedly confirmed to make Mega Man X as the focus of the story for the forthcoming Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite. According to the announcement trailer for the said game, it seems like some cross-dimensional tearing happened and Mega Man X  is now in pursuit of the Infinity Stones.

The gamers are reportedly piecing together the outcome of the story and how the characters Maverick and Ultron will likely play in order to foil the efforts of Iron Man and Mega Man, according to One Angry Gamer.

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