Pokemon Sun And Moon News: Hacker Has Replaced Super Smash Bros. Characters With Pokemon

Thanks to technology, Super Smash Bros. can play the beloved Pokemon from Pokemon Sun And Moon. The players should thank the hacker who is responsible for cracking the code and letting the players enjoy the monsters from Nintendo 3DS.

Who Is Responsible For Hacking Pokemon Sun And Moon?

According to Digital Trends, hacker Scorpbob is the suspect of replacing the roster of Super Smash Bros. with Pokemon from Pokemon Sun and Moon. The players are happy that some monsters were available for the Wii U game.

The Pokemon available on Super Smash Bros. are Popplio, Incineroar and Gladion all from Pokemon Sun and Moon. As per Game Rant, the players playing the former have accessed Cosmog and Lillie because of the one and only Scorpbob.

Scorpbob is unstoppable because this is not the first time that he did this on Super Smash Bros. Even other hackers have been doing this ever since the game was launched last 2014. With the hacker's abilities, the players can switch from the original characters in the game to Pokemon Sun and Moon's roster.

Who Were Added In Super Smash Bros. From Pokemon Sun And Moon?

The players noticed that Wicke who is an antagonist from Pokemon Sun and Moon replaced Peach in Super Smash Bros. According to Kotaku, Scorpbob has tweeted his modification with Wii U's game. The players noticed that the hacker modified the character into a better version.

Besides Wicke's appearance on Super Smash Bros., also, Champion Cynthia from Pokemon Sun and Moon was seen in the game. There are rumors that Scorpbob is planning to add more characters in the game with the upcoming updates.

Pokemon Sun and Moon players are shocked and a bit dismayed with Scorpbob's hacking but they cannot stop the hacker. Super Smash Bros.' players on the other hand are overjoyed when they saw the famous characters in their beloved game.

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