Dishonored 2 Review: What Are The Effects Of Having Two Protagonists In The Game?

Arkane Studios made sure that players can choose between Emily or Corvo. But some are asking what are the difference between the two characters aside from their gender. Also, the fans have noticed positive and bad effects of having two main characters in the game.

The Good And Bad Effects Of Having Emily And Corvo In Dishonored 2

Players were ecstatic when they learned that Dishonored 2 will be having Corvo and his daughter, Emily, as two protagonists in the game. But some players were doubtful because having two characters might have different effects to the gameplay.

According to App Trigger, when the players chose Corvo in Dishonored 2, they can relive the original gameplay. This means that the players seem to play the same old story that was set 15 years later and will not make any impact in the game.

Corvo is a better character in Dishonored 2 because in Dishonored, the male protagonist seems weak since he cannot voice out what he wants to say. In the sequel, his character is not that boring and is a complete different person.

For Emily, the players were given a sense of freshness when playing Dishonored 2. The players are beginning to understand the real story of the franchise. This is one of the good effects of having a female character because the players can be more sensitive with their environment.

Dishonored 2's Emily Kaldwin Changes The World Of Video Games

As per Independent, when Arkane Studios decided to make a female protagonist, Emily Kaldwin, for Dishonored 2 it created a trend that a female lead character can do good and can provide positive feedbacks.

Emily Kaldwin has started a rebellion against going to what she has supposed to do versus on what she thinks she should do in Dishonored 2. Also, the developer thought that Kaldwin's addition in the game will make it more exciting than before.

Players are still enjoying Dishonored 2. They are still trying to maximize the gameplay between Corvo and Emily because of their different powers and different abilities. Having two characters may have its downside but players are not denying that two characters provided them a whole point of view.

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