How Does One Differentiate Love From Lust? Signs To Guide And Guard One's Heart Of Its Limits

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Trying to differentiate love and sex has been one of the greatest struggles of this generation. People tend to overlook and overthink the presence of physical intimacy and easily confuse it with love. However connected and intertwined those two can be, it always matters what comes first in the equation of the relationship.

How Does One Differentiate Love From Lust?

There are more than one ways to differentiate love and lust, and people tend to overlook most of it. Different studies have been made to ensure that even though there's only a thin line between love and lust, it will always matter what came first. If the physical intimacy came before the actual relationship, there are chances that it will just be lust and could unlikely turn into love. There is a certain human gene in each and every one that indicates physical intimacy does not equate to love, and that is lust or sex.

Lust Is Thinking About The Being With The Person Physically; Love Is More Genuine Than That

According to some reports, there are simple indicators that could distinguish love from lust and could save a big heartbreak that is bound to happen at some point. When the feeling of wanting to be with the other person is genuine and wanting to help them be better versions of themselves, then that is love. However, when the thoughts of a certain someone only consists of physical attraction and wanting to be with him/her intimately in a physical sense, that will most likely be just lust. Respect is also an important factor that could distinguish love from lust. Most importantly, giving into the person physically will never guarantee a person any love in this world. In rare cases, it does happen, but it is rare for a reason.

Love Lasts A Lifetime; Lust Lasts A Night Time

There is also a way to distinguish love from lust in a physical sense. There have been reports claiming that the presence of more cuddling after the sexual encounter could lead to the intimacy be about love. For many, when the body is all that they are after, they wouldn't want to cuddle the other person after sex. They will just be there for the deed, and will soon be out of the room then out of your life. However, when a person is in love, the moment after sex matters just as much to them as the sex itself. They will want to be with the person even after reaching climax, and that always means it's a good thing because he/she wants to stick around.

There are more ways than one to tell whether it's love or just lust. The way a person treats you is always a great factor in determining the emotions, or at least the setup. Girls are always the ones that are easy to fall, but are also the ones who are easy to get back on their feet. Nevertheless, each and everyone in this world is a victim of thinking that lust and love come as a package; it never does and maybe never will. In some cases, people can even be in love and not sexually compatible at all. As hard as that may be to believe, it's true. Thus, one must always be fully aware of the love that lasts a lifetime, and the lust that lasts a night time.

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