Kissenger App Enables iPhone To Send Kisses Virtually

Kissenger calls itself World's first virtual mobile kiss messenger. It is easy to use; the accessory just needs to be connected to the phone so it can transmit kisses. It also returns the force on another person's lips when the partner kisses back on the device. The very sweet new innovative gadget is called the Kissenger, which allows people to send their loved ones a kiss - literally.

Kissenger is an iPhone accessory that adds a robotic kissing pad to the phone. When a user kiss the pad on the Kissenger, it senses the pressures and transmits the sensation through to an identical kissing pad attached to next user partner's phone.

Derived from the terms Kiss and Messenger, the Kissenger is the first ever usable gadget that could send actual kisses through a device. The developers of the product basically aim to improve emotional communication through the use of the device.

Kissnger is an application of Love. Kissenger system consists of a pair of gadgets to transfer kiss over distance. Kissenger provides a funky way of transferring a kiss through interactive digital media. It equips a physical interface enabling kiss communication for several apps simplify intimate human telepresence with the real and virtual worlds. With the aid of digital communication media and advanced robotic, the system takes the place of an artificial mouth that provides the promising properties of the real kiss.

The Kissenger works in three modes, thhe first of which is called human to human. Kissenger bridges the gap between two intimately connected users by imitating and transforming the lip gesture of both users in real time using two digitally connected artificial lips.

The other one is human to robot kiss, which enables an intimate relationship with a robot-gadget. Such technology enables a new facility for closer and more realistic interactions between humans and robots. The last one is called a human to virtual character kiss. It provides a link between the virtual and real world. Here, humans can kiss virtual characters during playing games and receive physical kisses from their beloved virtual characters.

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