Pesticide Designed To Clean Up Environment Ends Up Killing 4 Children At The Comforts Of Their Home

Pesticides are made to prevent the pests from causing any more harm to the locals and anyone in the chosen environment of application. However, it has recently been confirmed that a certain pesticide has led to the deaths of four children in Texas, just while at home.

Children Die In Amarillo, Texas After Being Accidentally Poisoned Of Chemicals In Pesticides

Just recently, it has been confirmed that an incident occurred last Monday in Amarillo, Texas that led to the deaths of four children and five others in critical condition. According to reports, someone from their home had mixed water on the area that was previously applied with pesticide. This has then caused a negative reaction to the chemicals that were in the latter, causing a massive discomfort to the people inside the home. It has been reported that there were about 10 people inside when the reaction came about.

The water was made to wash away the pesticide that was applied to the home, known as aluminium phosphide. However, the chemicals that were present in the pesticide are not compatible with water, causing people that were exposed to the pesticide to get extremely sick, and some dead. Among the four children that were proclaimed dead, one died at the scene while the three were still rushed to the hospital and died there eventually. The kids ranged from 7 to 17, according to some reports and that they were most likely to be most affected to the chemicals in the pesticide due to their young age and vulnerability of their immune system.

Incident Report Ruled As Accidental Poisoning: 4 Die, 5 In Critical Condition

It has been confirmed that the aluminium phosphide in the pesticide has been named in the highest and most toxic category of the Environmental Protection Agency. The pesticide was made to kill insects, bugs and the like; mixing it with water caused the pesticide to produce toxic phosphine gas which led to the casualties of young children. The incident was ruled merely as accidental poisoning.

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