How Mark Zuckerberg Is Planning To Make The World A Better Place

Being a full-time CEO of a multi-billion dollar company is not an easy job to handle. Just ask Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg. But despite all those setbacks and criticisms that he and his company have encountered, he has still remained humble, composed, and refuses to succumb to the pressure.

This year alone, Facebook has faced a number of criticisms, allegations regarding fake news, censorship, and bias judgments. One famous censorship controversy about Facebook was when it took down a Swedish breast cancer awareness video last October in which Facebook labeled it as a violation of the website's policies. Of course, Facebook quickly apologized after the backlash it received and claimed it was all an accident.

Mark Zuckerberg The Humanitarian (And Politician?)

The Facebook CEO is known to set yearly goals for himself and to help and inspire others. In the past, he has accomplished to run 365 miles, learned Mandarin Chinese, read 25 books, and built a personal AI for his house that featured Morgan Freeman's voice. For this year, his plan is to meet and listen to people in all 50 states. According to him, his work is all about connecting the world and giving everyone a voice.

However, many people see this as a political move by the Facebook CEO instead of just simply an act of reaching out to people without a voice and listen to what they have to say. As to why, there were reports not long ago indicating that Mark Zuckerberg has some sort of political plans in the future. Based on the court filings, there was no mention as to what specific political position will he be running for, but what is known is that the documents filed were considered a proposal that will allow him to work in the government while retaining control of Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg Is Now Religious

Last December 25 of 2016, Mark Zuckerberg posted a message on his own Facebook page wishing followers a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah on which many commented and was commented back by the Facebook CEO himself. It is well-known that he is not really the religious type, but as to when he became religious, some reports claim that it was after he met the Pope and praised Buddhism.

Regardless as to what religion the CEO Facebook supports, one cannot deny that Mark Zuckerberg is a person who inspires people, helps people, gives them voices, connects people, and is a great example of a humble and successful man. Regarding if he will run for a position in the government or not, it will be great to have a man like him to take a seat in politics. And this is how Mark Zuckerberg plans to change the world in 2017.

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