CES 2017 News: The 28 Winners Of The Innovation Award

The Consumer Technology Association recognizes the best new technologies and devices each year the Consumer Electronics Show is held. For 2017, the association has already chosen the winners in 28 different categories who will receive the coveted Innovation Award. The award is given to products or technology "that scores above the threshold set for a specific category".

Aipoly Vision

The Aipoly Vision helps the visually impaired identify objects immediately with the help of artificial intelligence. In other words, the phone can always see and recognize objects and colors in its surroundings and immediately say out loud what it sees.

AKC Smart Dog Collar

No more posting pictures of lost dogs all over the neighbourhood. Link's AKC Smart Dog Collar, available for $149 with a $7 monthly subscription fee, allows pet owners know where their dogs are.

Cota Tile

Ossia has developed a ceiling tile that can charge Cota-enabled devices without wires.


Cubit, a DIYer's dream come true, is a tool that measures and records dimensions.


The EyeQue, dubbed as a personal vision tracker, is a $29.99 optical device that works with a smartphone app to allow the user to do a personal eye exam anytime, anywhere.

Goodix Fingerprint Detection Sensor

A new way of unlocking a phone by measuring the heartbeat signature from the user's finger.

HP Spectre 13

A thin notebook.

Connectivity Cluster

A small smart HUD for motorcycles.

K'Track G

Diabetics can keep track of their blood glucose in real time with this wearable tech.

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro

The first ever smartphone with augmented reality technology, the $499 Google Tango-enabled Phab 2 Pro utilizes its 3D-sensing technology to do various tasks.

Lenovo Yoga Book

The hybrid tablet/laptop.

Mars by CrazyBaby

A floating speaker.

Motiv Ring

A smart ring that tracks heart rate, sleep and other activities.

Moto Mods

Moto Mods are Moto Z snap-ons that provide additional functions including better camera, speakers, projector, and charging station. Motorola may also have plans to create a Google Tango Mod.


A design tool that helps organize the workplace.

Netgear Nighthawk X10 R9000

Smart router that provides faster internet.

Obsidian 3D Camera

Camera that shoots panoramic views and supports VR.

Ossic X

Smart headphones used for listening to 3D sounds.

Paradigm Persona 9H

High-end audio speakers.

Powerup FPV

Paper plane virtual reality drone that streams through a cardboard VR headset.

Acer Predator z301CT

A curved computer monitor with eye-tracking features.

ReSound ENZO2

A smart hearing aid used with an iPhone app.

Robo R2

A 3D printer.

Quanergy Systems S3 Solid State LiDAR Sensor

A sensor for self-driving vehicles.

Samsung Frame

A picture frame/TV.

Sleep Number 360

A smart bed.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote

Touchscreen remote for smart home.

SVS SB16-Ultra Subwoofer

It's a loud 16-inch speaker.

Swiftpoint Z Gaming Mouse

A mouse for gamers that has buttons for tilt pivot and roll.

Tilt Brush

A Google app that allows 3D painting.

Tobii Dynavox PCEye Mini with iS4 Eye Tracker

Allows people with no or little use of hands to navigate a device using eye-tracking system.


A wearable bracelet-like device that verifies the wearer's identity.

XGIMI Z4 Aurora Screenless TV

A device that turns any surface into a 30-inch TV screen and comes with Harman Kardon speakers.

Xooloo Digital Coach

An app that helps parents keep track of their child's digital life.

Zera Food Recycler

The Zera Food Recycler turns 3.5 kilos of food scraps into fertilizer in an estimated 24 hours.

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