Diablo 3 News: Season 9 Is Finally Coming, Here's What Players Should Expect

Players of Diablo 3 are waiting for season nine to finally begin. Blizzard is making sure that 20th anniversary of the franchise will bring exciting features and rewards that they can receive starting with Darkening of Tristram. The players are ready to

Season 9 Of Diablo 3 Is A Follow-Up For The 20th Anniversary

Diablo 3's season nine will begin on Jan. 6 at exactly 5:00 p.m. in North America, Europe and Asia. The season journey will improve a lot of things in the gameplay. The first improvement will not require the players to have a legendary item using level 30 or higher for the Destroyer and Guardian tiers.

However, the players need to augment one ancient legendary item using a legendary gem with a level of 50 or higher when using Conqueror tier. Lastly, once season nine has started, the players can start with Sanctuary's Most Wanted objective.

According to Express, if the players did not managed to complete the four stabs during the season journey, they can do several tasks in Conqueror tier. They can complete two Conquests, kill Greed on Torment XIII and Skeleton King under 30 seconds, forge a ste item and get level three legendary gems to 55.

Update 2.4.3 On Diablo 3 Is Finally Live

As per GameSpot, the update brought new exciting features on Diablo 3. One of the items added is the seventh piece of the Crusader's Armor of Akkhan set. Also, some of class-specific legendaries got new legendar powers.

If the players have these items, they will not be changed. However, they need to acquire new one to change their items. Lastly, for those players using PS4 Pro can get the 4K support in order to give them better gameplay.

Blizzard is not stopping at anything. The developer wants to give the loyal players what they deserve because without the players, Diablo franchise will not last up to now. Hopefully, the players will enjoy what the developer has brought them.

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