Sony's First Bravia OLED Has Dolby Vision HDR Technology

Sony is entering the OLED television market with a very futuristic TV. This technically, is not Sony's first OLED TV, the company released an 11-inch model that cost around $4000 in 2011.Sony will not confirm whether the OLED panel is manufactured by LG, but LG is the only company pumping money into OLED segment at the moment. This year LG has started marketing its TVs in the U.S. because Panasonic does not sell it in the U.S. Sony's Bravia OLED A1E is gorgeous, it's slim, and it sports a cool stand so the user can fix it on the wall like a giant picture frame.

First OLED With Dolby Vision HDR Technology

Sony's new OLED Dolby Vision HDR technology transformed the picture from the screen up to 40 times more brightly than on today's standard TVs. Sony OLED Dolby VisionTM provides a new level of richness and precision that makes every scene look more real and more closely captures the look of the real world.

Introducing The Surface Audio

Another new addition to the XBR-A1E is new audio technology, which will sound relatively interesting to most of the viewers .there are no traditional speakers. Instead, it uses the first of its kind audio technology to give excellent sound from the screen itself. The company is calling it Acoustic Surface, and the thinking behind this design is to allow the TV to be ultra-thin.

Bravia X-series in X930E, which comes in both 55 & 65-inch and X940E, available at a mammoth 75-inch, making a one-step ahead to the existing models X935D and X94D. That means the sound comes directly from the screen, removing the extra space for visible speakers. Previously, LG was the only major brand to offer Dolby Vision technology.

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