Samsung Unveils TVs With QLED Technology; What Makes It Different?

Samsung recently unveiled an all-new line of televisions it calls QLED, and while the picture quality has gotten better, it's the new series' design that makes the biggest change of this year. QLED replaces Samsung's two-year outdated SUHD line as the company's most premium TV line, and it counted several meaningful upgrades. QLED offers better-viewing angles, brighter high dynamic range (HDR) performance and increased color production, with claimed advance to black levels as well.

QLED, The Future Of Televisions

QLED could be the next big thing in TV market. Samsung, the world's no.1 TV maker, has confirmed that it's working on developing QLED TVs for the commercial market while continuing to deny its plans to mass-produce OLED. That leaves Samsung's rival LG as the only manufacturer of OLED, and Samsung itself with plenty of motivation to work on an alternative like QLED. The QLED technology will be available on the maker's upcoming Q9, Q8 and Q7 ranges, but release dates and prices have yet to be confirmed.

Samsung TVs New Design

The design has enhanced as well, now user can mount a Samsung QLED TV smack up against the wall. With Samsung's proprietary arising system, its Q9, Q8, and Q7 QLED TVs can be arisen (mounted) flush, making the TV look more like a piece of art than a television. If the user did not want to mount on the wall, Samsung offers two types of table-top stands with modern styling, crafted from stainless steel. An easel-style floor stand offers an uber-style option for those who want their TV to take center place in their room.

OLED Competitor

Now there's a new TV technology in the market called QLED, and it might be even better than OLED, which is short for "quantum dot light emitting devices". QLED has the potential to match the "infinite" contrast ratio of OLED, with greater power efficiency, better color and more.

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