Super Mario Run Review: Can Nintendo Say The Game Brought Positive Effects To The Company? Find Out Here

It is true that Mario is one of the famous characters that Nintendo created. However, Super Mario Run is neither a great game nor a bad one. It is one of the games that seem to be created in order to increase the sales of the company.

What Did Super Mario Run Bring To Nintendo?

Nintendo received positive and negative feedbacks when it launched Super Mario Run. According to Up Roxx, one of the players reaction towards the game is that why it is not for free. The players need to choose if they wish to unlock the full version of the game if they will pay $10.

A lot of players were disappointed because Pokemon GO, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale are for free while Super Mario Run is not. This is one of the reason why critics are concluding that the mobile game brought disaster to Nintendo.

However, Super Mario Run was downloaded by curious people all over the globe. That is the reason why other critics are concluding that the game has positive effects to Nintendo. It will always depend to the loyal fans if they like the game or not.

Can Nintendo Consider Super Mario Run A Success?

As per Forbes, Nintendo does not understand how a mobile game works. Ever since it released Super Mario Run, critics said that the Japanese company will not earn as much as Supercell and Niantic because the company treated the game like a console game.

The only thing that critics noticed about Super Mario Run is how Nintendo made sure that the game will be grounded to its roots. This means that everyone can still play the same old characters such as Mario and his brother, Luigi.

Also, Super Mario Run on iOS opened the minds of the players until they can play it on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo's strategy to bring the game on mobile phones can be considered a successful plan to entice the players.

Super Mario Run is a game that everyone should try despite the negative reviews and feedbacks Nintendo are continuing to receive. However, the only thing that the company should focus on is how it can make the game more interesting.

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