Stem Cell Therapy: Fat Tissue To Repair Injury

Another breakthrough awaits human kind as Stanford health physicians take on a new challenge and research trial on stem cell therapy. Stem cells that are derived from fat tissue will be tested and checked if it can work as an alternative to surgery.

This cell trial is approved by the Food and Drug Administration agency. It is the first to involve fat-derived stem cells. It works by using a liposuction to extract the fat tissue from the abdomen. The fat tissues will then be treated with a special enzyme and will be subjected to centrifuge to separate the stem cells.

The clinical trial will involve the body's natural healing process to heal shoulder injuries. Some people sometimes refer to shoulder concerns as a tooth ache which is likened to a dull pain that seems to stay. It is known that when a person reaches 45, the tendons go through a wear and tear process that causes small tears causing the pain as per KDLT News.

Adult stem cells will be used and not embryonic stem cells. Since adipose also known as fat stem cells are to be used, the same concept will be tested. The trial of the stem cell therapy will be done to those with torn rotator cuffs, Inforum reports.

Rotator cuff injury is a common condition experienced by Americans. This has sent over 6 million patients for surgical repairs by orthopedic surgeons yearly. The trial will be an opportunity to change the type of treatment done to those with rotated cuff injuries.

The result will be evaluated through a high-resolution MRI image along with an evaluation of the person's shoulder status in terms of strength, range of motion and perception of pain. Once the test turns out to be successful, stem cell therapy that is fat-derived will most likely be performed in a broad range of tissue repairs.

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