‘The Day After Tomorrow’: Another Ice Age Is Likely To Happen As Ocean Current Collapses, Scientists Warn

Way back in 2004, the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" has one scene wherein it has depicted the ocean current all over the world has stopped as a result of global warming, which has then led to a catastrophic storm that has wiped out major cities around the world. In line with this particular scene, a new study has recently suggested that the terrifying plot is likely to become a reality soon. The study finds that the ocean circulation patterns could collapse in the near future, which gradually will turn the Northern hemisphere into an ice age.

Another Ice Age Is Likely To Happen As Ocean Current Collapses

In one of their statements revealed by Daily Mail, a team of researchers from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego has found out that climate models may have drastically underestimated the close possibility of ocean circulations collapsing. As they were in the course of their study, it was found that the so-called Atlantic Meridonial Overturning Circulation (AMOC) is what's biasing in most climate models, which consequently exaggerates the stability of a pattern. Due to this bias, scientists have taken out this bias to the process and have allegedly predicted that the collapse will soon lead to the large-scale cooling in the North Atlantic.

Furthermore, as per Science Daily, postdoctoral associate in the Department of Geology and Geophysics at Yale University and lead author of the study, Wei Liu said that AMOC is apparently considered as responsible for carrying oceanic heat northward in the Atlantic Ocean. Hence, experts believe that the system is a major factor for regional climate change, which affects the Atlantic rim countries, particularly those living in Europe. Additionally, Zhengyu Liu, the study's co-author and a professor of atmospheric and oceanic sciences, and of environmental studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Center for Climatic Research in the Nelson Institute was also quoted to have said that the idea of likening it to the said movie is very provocative yet not impossible. Ultimately, the study authors have highly emphasized that their new model may require additional refinement that would be essential to the accuracy of AMOC models.


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