New Cancer Diagnostic Tool That Detects 17 Diseases By A Single Breath

New cancer diagnostic tool that was developed can amazingly detect 17 serious diseases including lung cancer, various sclerosis, irritable bowel syndrome, and more. This device can detect ailments in just a single breath. Besides, it has 86 percent accuracy.

Novel Cancer Diagnosis: The Breathalyzer

The breathalyzer is a quick, inexpensive, and non-invasive device that can transcribe whatever illness the patient carries. But most significantly, these 17 serious diseases can be detected in a way of breathing out into the device. Simple as that!

A patient's single breath would display signs of carrying any diseases such as colorectal cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, and even Parkinson's disease, Crohn's, and kidney diseases. Hossam Haick, scholar from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, said, "One of the major encounters in the modern era of disease diagnosis is how we can distinguish a disease when we are still healthy."

Their technology called "Na-NOSE," can detect the diseases on their early stages and can help people with cancer prevention if they are at risk for such conditions.

Exploring Na-NOSE Technology

According to Huffington Post, as a cancer diagnostic tool, the breathalyzer works by analyzing microscopic organisms. These compounds are volatile organic compounds or VOCs. This technique is not exactly new. That's because medical practitioners from 400 B.C. smell patients' bodily discharges to help them with analyses. But examining breaths is economical, non-invasive, and easy.

Researchers then confirmed over 800 patients with the breathalyzer. The patients have one of the 17 diseases. Another 591 regulates were also in the test, but they don't have any disease detected. People coming from China, France, Israel, Latvia, and the US derived to join the test. The scientists then let an AI tally the VOCs. And the AI searched for records looking for similar VOC patterns to deliver analysis.

Researchers did not know which condition the partakers had to make sure there's no bias in the outcomes. Furthermore, they verified the accuracy of the Na-nose by cross citing it with another tool that reads VOC outlines. The Na-nose is not yet commercially offered, but it is on the other hand an inspiring development in the medical field.

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