Vitamin D Deficiency Increases Risk Of Chronic Headache

The Kuopio Ischaemic Heart Disease Risk Factor Study, KIHD, analyzed the vitamin D levels and existence of headache in roughly 2,600 men aged amongst 42 and 60 years in 1984-1989. In 68 percent of these men, the vitamin D level was under 50 nmol/l, which is usually well thought-out verge for vitamin D deficiency. Chronic headache taking place at least on a weekly basis was testified by 250 men, and men reporting chronic headache had lower vitamin D levels than others.

Vitamin D Deficiency May Increase The Risk Of Other Diseases

When the study inhabitants were separated into four groups based on their vitamin D levels, the group with the lowermost levels had over a double risk of chronic headache in assessment to the group with the highest levels. Chronic headache was also more often reported by men who were examined separately the summer months of June through September. Thanks to UVB radioactivity from the sun, the average vitamin D levels are higher during the summer months.

The study adds to the collecting body of evidence connecting a low intake of vitamin D to an amplified risk of chronic diseases. Low vitamin D levels have also been related with the risk of headache by some earlier but less important studies.

In Finland and in other countries far from the Equator, UVB radiation from the sun is an adequate source of vitamin D during the summer months, but outside the summer season, people need to make sure that they get enough vitamin D from food or from vitamin D enhancers.

No scientific indication relating to the benefits and thinkable adverse effects of long-term use in higher doses yet be present. The Finnish Vitamin D Trial, FIND, at present ongoing at the University of Eastern Finland will shed light on the interrogation, as the five-year trial evaluates the effects of high daily doses of vitamin D on the risk features and growth of diseases. The trial partakers are taking a vitamin D supplement of 40 or 80 micrograms per day. The trial also examines the effects of vitamin D supplementation on different pain conditions.

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