WikiLeaks Threatens To Sue CNN After 'Pedophile' Slurs Against Julian Assange

Controversy doesn't seem to get away from WikiLeaks even when there´s no major publications so far, since it was known that the radical transparency organization has threatened to sue news channel CNN, after a former CIA deputy director told on air in one of its programs that Julian Assange was a pedophile, a delicate accusation which the group considered as defamation.

WikiLeaks Threatened To Sue And CNN Apologized

According to South China Morning Post, the strong declarations were made by Phillip Mudd, a former CIA counterterrorism official that defined WikiLeaks´ leader Julian Assange as "a pedophile who lives in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London," in CNN´s New Day program, creating a huge surprise to everyone in the panel and many who was watching the show, given the fact that such kind of statement has never been told against Assange.

Of course, WikiLeaks told that it would sue CNN through its Twitter account, explaining that this decision would be taken to its ultimate consequences unless the media airs within two days a "one-hour expose of the plot." In just a couple of hours, CNN´s New Day Twitter account posted a statement in which it explained that the former CIA official regretted his words and that the media doesn't any kind of proof to support such delicate assertions since the sexual assault allegations that Assange is facing doesn't involve minors.

The Pedophilia Statements Were Made During A Discussion About The Elections

As reported by The Blaze, Mudd made these statements during a discussion about WikiLeaks and Julian Assange´s involvement with Russian state-sponsored hackers, who has been accused of interfering with the 2016 U.S. presidential election in order to get the Republican Donald Trump elected as the new chief of state.

Although CNN also deleted the tweet that contained the video, but the non-profit organization responded this action and the apologize through another Twitter account named WikiLeaks Task Force, saying that even when the media effectively made the apology, in retracting the allegation of pedophilia made "another two."

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