Julian Assange Confessed That Only He Knows The Truth About WikiLeaks' Publications

Framed by the accusations of collaborating with the Russian government to sabotage the U.S. presidential elections, WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange claimed that his organization never colluded with any foreign government and that only he knows the truth behind the site´s publication.

Julian Assange Responded To The Intelligence Agencies Allegations

The statements were made to the U.S. channel Fox News, which managed to make an interview to Julian Assange inside the Ecuadorean embassy, in which WikiLeaks founder revealed a new information regarding on what happened during the presidential elections in which the Republican Donald Trump got elected as the new chief of state. Answering the question of Fox News host Sean Hannity, Assange refuted the accusations of the U.S. intelligence agencies and explained that he was the only person who knows the reality about the leaks made during the political event.

Extending on this point, Julian Assange explained that these institutions don't have any kind of evidence that proves WikiLeaks involvement with the Russian government. However, far from showing a proof that confirms his assertions, Assange told his position in the whistleblower organization is what makes him knows that intelligence agencies are lying.

In addition to these statements, Julian Assange also told that the theory of a conspiracy between a state-party and WikiLeaks is only a strategy from the Democrats to delegitimize president-elect Donald Trump with false links to a clandestine interference with the presidential election outcome. In fact, Assange explained that this would be the weapon that the Democratic party will use to attack Trump during his government.

WikiLeaks Is Offering $20,000 To Prevent The Destruction Of US Classified Documents

Also, it has been reported that WikiLeaks offered through a Twitter post a reward of $20,000 to anyone who provides any kind of information relating to any destruction of files by a member of the Obama´s administration. Apparently, Julian Assange´s transparency radical organization is making this move in order prevent the destruction of the U.S. history.

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