Galaxy S8 Release Date Revealed; Is Samsung Set For Another Big Dismay?

Admit it or not, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will definitely be one of the best and most powerful smartphones of 2017 (hopefully without the explosion feature).

Regarding its release date, it was a long and hard guessing game for tech enthusiasts, especially for the Samsung Galaxy fans. Though it was initially expected to be released around March (just like the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge), it was changed to April. Even after that, leaks came out that Samsung had to delay the release to conducts further tests and to make sure that there won't be a slight chance of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco repeat.

The guessing game is finally over.  According to Forbes, Samsung Galaxy will be releasing the long-awaited Samsung Galaxy S8 on April 18, 2017. However, there are speculations that Samsung might skip its regular unveiling spot at the Mobile World Congress in February. Instead, Samsung is rumored to be considering doing a separate event in New York this upcoming March.

For all Samsung Galaxy fans out there, it really is sad to think that the unveiling event at February could be moved to March and also its release date moved to April instead of March. Just think that you are waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S6, S5, and S4 which went on sale in April on the 10th, 11th, and 27th. And plus, at least there is already an exact (hopefully true) release date for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Some Things To Expect About The Samsung Galaxy S8

First, it will have a stunning new design, specifically the thick bezels around Samsung's gorgeous Quad HD Super AMOLED displays will be minimized as much as possible. There also won't be any bezels on the sides, because according to reports, the sides of the display will be curved down. And for its top and bottom bezels, it will be smaller because the customary oblong-shaped home button will not be featured on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Next, in terms of performance, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be powerful. According to reports, the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature 8 GB of RAM and equip the SD 835 chip. And based on the recent leaks regarding the SD 835 chip's capabilities, it is simply mind-blowing.

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