Global Warming Facts: Data Shows Temperature Rise Is Constant

Global warming has been in the news often now. There are warning signs about it, yet there are also those who don't seem to believe in it. Now global warming facts have it that data shows that temperature rise is constant.

Global warming is continuing, despite some doubting this. A new study has shown that global warming is moving forward. In 2015 the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has made adjustments to show that ocean temperatures have risen in the previous decades. There were those though, especially in Congress, who doubted the data.

Now a new study is confirming the data that NOAA has shown earlier. The data was taken from buoys and other marine devices that show ocean temperatures are rising. This finding has been made by the study's lead author, Zeke Hausfather from the University of California Berkeley.

The NOAA data were taken by ships used to gather scientific data. The data were then adjusted in order to consider heat coming from the ship's engines. The data from buoys and satellite though aren't affected by heat artificially. This makes the data coming from such sources to be more accurate, yet at the same time also show that temperatures are rising in the oceans.

Temperature readings in the past were done in ships, according to ABC News. This was the situation back in the 1990s. Buoys today are doing the same job. The readings coming from buoys are much more accurate since there are fewer factors that can affect the readings.

The measurements have so far shown conclusion, as The Daily Mail reports. They show that temperatures have increased over a 20-year period. Other scientists as well have confirmed the accuracy of the readings.

Andrew Dressler from the Texas A&M University and Kevin Trenberth from the National Center for Atmospheric Research aren't involved in the study, but have confirmed that the readings taken have been accurate. Trenberth has said that the study should dismiss any notion that the data has errors.

Global warming is a reality that the world now faces. Global warming facts has data that shows that temperature rise is constant. Another ice age though might also be due, as scientists see ocean currents collapsing.

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