Zombie Apocalypse: Humans Would Die Sooner Than Expected

By Rodney Rafols , Jan 06, 2017 01:36 AM EST

Many fear a zombie apocalypse. Its likelihood of happening though is very low. Still, there are still some who speculate how it would be should it happen. A study on a zombie apocalypse shows that humans would die sooner than expected.

Shows such as "The Walking Dead" and its spinoff, "Fear The Walking Dead" have given rise to fears of a zombie apocalypse. While such a scenario isn't likely to happen any time soon, a group of students from the University of Leicester have wondered how it would be if such a thing happens. Unlike in the shows though, the results have been different.

The students have made a basic epidemiological model of such an event. Taken into consideration is the speed in which a contagious disease might spread. Also being factored in is how fast a zombie might be able to infect a person.

The students have come up with having a zombie infecting one person per day. The zombie would have a 90 percent chance of successfully infecting a person. With such conditions, the students have found that within just 100 days human population would drop dramatically. That would be very far from how events happen in "The Walking Dead."

A similar study has been made at the Argonne National Laboratory, according to CNet. In that study, it has been shown that the city of Chicago would be virtually wiped out in just two months after a zombie apocalypse. Though there might be survivors in both scenarios, the future doesn't look good even for them.

The study made by the students of the University of Leicester has shown that in an area only 100-200 people would likely be left as survivors, as Newsmax reports. There might be some hope, as they students have said a better survival rate could be made if survivors could kill off zombies.

A zombie apocalypse isn't likely to happen in the near future. If it does though, in a zombie apocalypse humans would die sooner than expected. While a zombie apocalypse might not be real, fake news are a reality, and even science and medicine are affected by it.

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