2017 Drones: What's Expected To Launch This Year

2017 Drones: What's Expected To Launch This Year
Drones have become more and more popular as time pass by. This is why the demand for drones is expected to rise in 2017. Photo : Techno home / YouTube

Drones have become more and more popular as time pass by. This is why the demand for drones is expected to rise in 2017. With that, an increase in drone supply is also quite the expectation. As early as now, there have already been a few drone units that have been mentioned. Here's a quick summary of what to expect in the drone market this 2017.

GoPro Karma Drone To Return This 2017

GoPro recalled its Karma drone a couple of months ago. About 2500 units were part of the said program and the company did not give its consumers an ETA as to when the Karma drone will be returned to the market. The main reason why the recall was initiated is that the drones are allegedly prone to losing its power mid-flight. Needless to say, GoPro had to take all the released Karma drones and offer refunds to the customers.

Luckily though, the Karma drone is expected to return this 2017. As per a CNET report, the said drone could be returning to the skies this year. It was said that the company continues to test the Karma and more info will be revealed February.

PowerRay Submersible Drone

Drones, much like every other gadget, can be designed to cater to specific activities. With that said, there's also a drone that's aimed towards recreational fishing and it is called the PowerRay drone. This drone was revealed at the CES event and it's pretty much designed to make fishing all the more convenient and fun for users.

PowerRay uses sonar and LED lures to attract the fish underwater. You can even record this activity in 4K. Technically, this drone is quite high-tech as it can detect the fish's presence of up to 40 meters away and as per The Verge, the bot can go down as deep as 30 meters. You just need a WiFi connection to get data from your drone and this includes video and images.

Up to a 70 meter distance is possible and users just need to get a smartphone app to get started. To make things even more high-tech, know that you can also view your fishing footage via a VR headset and you can control your underwater drone by simply tilting your head. If you want to get this drone, know that its preorders will begin February for a price that is yet to be specified.

DJI Products 2017

DJI has been a widely known drone maker. The company has been releasing high quality drones that are pretty much difficult to beat. Not only are DJI drones very smart and easy to use, they're also quite sturdy. With that, fans are also awaiting what DJI has in store for 2017.

Right now, there still aren't a lot of info as to what DJI's big plans are. The company just released new drones a few months ago and these new products are quite ambitious and high-end. The Mavic Pro, Phantom 4 Pro, Inspire 2 and Matrice 600 Pro have just entered the market.

Nevertheless, DJI has also introduced new things during the CES event. For instance, the company has unveiled the Osmo Mobile Silver & Zenmuse M1 device. These should make smartphone videography all the more high quality. The stability offered by these products are quite a big deal for smartphone users.

Furthermore, the company has also introduced a new Phantom 4 drone. DJI has invited Martin Sati, a renowned designer, to add colors and visuals to the Phantom 4 drone in light to the Chinese New Year celebration. The new edition of this famous drone features Chinese symbolisms such as inspirations from air, water, fire and earth. Nevertheless, this Phantom 4 Chinese New Year edition drone still carries the same good stuff found in the original release. It's still sturdy, intelligent and it still comes with amazing imagery and 4K technology. It will be sold for $1199 and its shipment will begin January 23.

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