Everything There Is To Know About The E-Paper Backpack

By Kanika , Jan 06, 2017 10:40 AM EST

E-paper Backpack was recently launched at CES 2017 this January. The backpack follows the basic concept of a backpack of the user's choice with a hole cut in it and an e-paper display inside. POP-I has finally launched its project on which it has been working for quite a long time and so decided to launch it in the biggest tech show CES.

Specification Of E-Paper Backpack

The backpack would be made available for use anytime soon this year with a 4.7 inch or 10-inch e-paper screen that would be worth around $100 and $400 respectively. One can have the bags in whatever material they would desire that depends on the availability of the material in the market. The display screen is flexible so that it is easily carried on along with the bag and is comfortable to use. The startup is working more on the design of the screens in order to make sure that apparel and accessory makers would stick them in their products.

How To Operate The E-Paper?

So far the startup has succeeded in its product launch as the concept seems very innovative and amazing to use as noted. All that is to be done to get going is that users need to connect their device to the screen via Bluetooth and can choose different patterns according to their choice or even they can put up their images as well if not patterns. This is a completely new way towards future technology and it can all be handled by just installing an application on the phone and one is good to go.There is still a lot of work to be done over the product and the application but for now the concept looks great and this is what the future generation would love the most.

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