Apple's $1 Billion Investment To SoftBank Raises Questions; What Does The Future Hold?

Apple confirmed that it is planning to invest in a tech fund which is being set by Japan's SoftBank Group Corporation. The worth would be around $1 Billion and so the question arises if this would be the right move by the company.

Plans Behind The Vision Fund

SoftBank has said that it would be investing around $25 billion in the fund and has planned to have talks with the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund such that they can also contribute and invest in the tech fund for as much as $45 billion. They believe that the investment made by apple would not only help the tech fund to grow but also will speed up the development of technologies which might be strategically important to Apple. So according to this, the deal is not only beneficial to the Japan's company but also would benefit Apple as well.

The soft bank has recently confirmed the new that Apple has invested. Also, it was not just the fruit company, some other big names in the industry such as Oracle founder Ellison's family office and the chipmaker QUALCOMM have also indented to invest in this fund. It is still unknown to how much these company would invest and so the question is still under discussion and would be revealed soon. The biggest question here would be will this actually benefit these big companies and what benefit can they get from this huge investment.

President Donald Trump Taking Credit Of the Plan

Japan's Softbank aims to acquire a huge Vision fund of about $100 billion this year. This would be based in London and make investments in startups all around the world. The Vision fund has recently entangled itself with the President Donald Trump when he took the credit for the plan behind vision fund that pre-dated his election win. He has recently coordinated with Softbank CEO and Sprint chairman's son, tweeting a misleading boast about his role in creating new job opportunities.

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