CES 2017: Samsung Launches A 32-Bit Wireless Speaker

By Kanika , Jan 06, 2017 10:54 AM EST

Samsung launches a 32-bit wireless speaker with a completely retro look. The company says that the H7 wireless speaker will upscale the 8 and 24-bit audio to cover a wider range of frequency hence making the music sound closer to the original recording.

What Features To Expect?

The wireless speaker is very attractive and sounds amazing as reported. There are two circular grilles up front, two circular discs up top where one is for volume and the other is for navigating menu options. The speaker uses wheel controls not only to alter volume levels but also to select playlists from the user's favorite audio services just like the way the user would want.

The most important feature about the speaker is that the company has used its proprietary UHQ audio technology which is capable of upscaling audio sources to 32-bit output. Samsung has also remarked that this technology would allow sound to come closer to the quality of original sound recording than current HD audio technology.

Samsungs Other Devices To Look Upon

Samsung would also launch its new MS750 sound bar soon in coming day of CES 2017. The Korean tech-giant said that this would be the company's first to embed subwoofer performance directly into the primary unit. Also, Samsung would be launching its new M9500 UHD Blu-ray player which would automatically set up the TV display and audio to the optimal level which would allow navigating the menu option comfortably. The company has not yet announced when would these devices be released but it would surely be amazing.

Samsung H7 is supposed to come up this summer and then users can have a hand on experience of the wireless speaker. There is still no word regarding the pricing of the device but it is believed to be affordable for the users.


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