‘Final Fantasy XV' Latest DLC Might Open Niflheim Map For Prompto's Chapter

It has been more than a month since Square Enix finally released “Final Fantasy XV” and since then it has been raking millions of players over the world as well as various reviews. One of the things that players noticed was the lack of depth in the game’s story, hence Square Enix announced that the Season Pass will include more chapters. With the anticipated chapters yet to release, fans are now speculating that one of it might just open Niflheim for Prompto’s chapter.

Square Enix has already announced a Season Pass expansion for “Final Fantasy XV” as early as August last year, which was months prior to the official launch of the said video game. Now that “FFXV” has been officially released, the Season Pass was then made available shortly. Though the Season Pass clearly sets to offer more things for avid gamers, Square Enix has already confirmed some of the new features that will be included in the Season Pass.

Aside from revealing that more familiar bosses from previous “Final Fantasy” titles will be reprising their roles in “Final Fantasy XV”, the downloadable content will also be adding three more chapters. These three chapters will each focus on the other main party characters namely Gladiolus, Prompto, and Ignis. Though Square Enix did not reveal what exactly their chapters will be about, the latest in-game glitch and probably an in-game spoiler has hinted that Prompto’s chapter will allow access to the Niflheim Empire.

This speculation may be very well founded since during one of the game’s chapters in the main story, Noctis, Gladio, and Ignis went on to search for Prompto after he fell off the train while on Niflheim territory. The upcoming DLC might explore the time Prompto was left alone to survive throughout the enemy terrain. This is also most likely feasible to happen since Prompto’s backstory is also related to Niflheim as he was once a guinea pig of the Empire and managed to escape the facility.

“Final Fantasy XV” Season Pass is now available only on digital stores. It currently only has some exclusive items within it as the rest of the downloadable contents will follow soon. Square Enix has yet to reveal when.

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