‘Final Fantasy XIV' Reveals Release Date And More Updates On Collaboration With ‘Garo’ Series; Possible Joint Project With 'Nier’ Soon

GARO x FFXIV Collaboration Trailer
Final Fantasy XIV players may slay Zurvan, the Demon who recently escaped from prison. The patch further packs new glamours for Summoner pets. Photo : FINAL FANTASY XIV/YouTube

Square Enix is clearly on a roll as it reveals another update with one of its popular video game titles. It has dropped a trailer unveiling a surprise collaboration between “Final Fantasy XIV” and the popular series, “Garo”. Along with the pronouncement, fans are begging for a joint project between the said online video game and the “Nier” series.

Square Enix Reveals “Final Fantasy XIV” And “Garo” Collaboration

Avid players of the Square Enix open world online multiplayer video game gets another update. But this is not just any ordinary update as the products are from the collaboration with “Final Fantasy XIV” and the popular Japanese series, “Garo. The joint project was revealed when the official trailer of the said collaboration was uploaded in the official channel for “Final Fantasy XIV” and now it has updated with all the goodies that come with the said upcoming update.

Players of “Final Fantasy XIV” will be able to acquire various suits of armors, weapons, and mounts inspired from the “Garo” series. The special items can be obtained as rewards from PvP combats but most of them can be availed through other means. Players can win various “Garo” armors and outfits at Gold Saucer while the mounts will be given out as rewards for achieving certain milestones in the game.

The special items that players should look out for are outfits that are inspired from what Reo and Rekka wears in addition to the suits of armor that Zero The Silver Fanged Knight, Kiba The Dark Knight, and Dan The Midnight Sun Knight wore in the series as well as the bold Golden Knight armor of the Garo. The available mounts that will be released are Goten, Ginga, and Raigo. The most special one that players should try to get a hold of (aside from the cool armors) is the Kiba Okami sword weapon.

The collaboration between the said video game and “Garo” is to promote and celebrate the up and coming next installment in the latter’s series. The creators of the series have been working on this installment since its official announcement way back in 2015. “Garo’s Zero: Dragon Blood” is scheduled to premiere on Japan television this Jan. 6.

They have teased the story of the upcoming anime series, which will center once again on Rei Suzumura. “Garo’s Zero: Black Blood” focused on the said character and this film was released in 2014. An animated series was also released called “Garo: The Animation”, which has already stemmed out two seasons with a third installment still in the works.

Square Enix Might Make Joint Project Between “Final Fantasy XIV” And “Nier”

With the “Garo” series exciting a lot of fans all over the world, several others are asking and hoping that Square Enix releases another collaboration project for “Final Fantasy XIV” and this time with its other video game franchise, “Nier”. The said developer has been earnestly promoting “Dragon Quest XI” and “Final Fantasy XV” recently and now that “Nier Automata” has been confirmed, fans are hoping for crossovers. “Nier: Automata” has been received favorably especially since it released a demo of its video game.

Square Enix Announces Release Dates For Upcoming Updates And Video Games

“Nier: Automata” and “Dragon Quest XI” are currently in development but the release date for the former has already been scheduled to be on Feb. 23 this year. Meanwhile, the latest patch for the “Final Fantasy XIV” and “Garo” collaboration will be launched on servers this Jan. 17 except for the Korean and Chinese servers, which are separately run.

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