Overwatch's Storyline Affects How You Control The Character

The storyline is an important component of the game because it gives players an overview why the events happened in the game and it helps them empathize with the characters. When it comes to the storyline, Overwatch has one of the most interesting because it is straight to the point but enough to get players acquainted with the personalities and cast of the game. However, players may not be aware that the storyline and the attributes of their characters play an important role how they control them and devise a strategy to make them win.

Let's begin with Tracer, an experimental pilot with a thirst for adventure; hence, the reckless spirit. You can see that behavior and attitude through her targeting reticle as well as her aim, which is not great. Therefore, if the player wants to be effective at using Tracer, they have to treat the game with recklessness - which is fast and full of shooting.

In terms of Sombra, she is a hacker who uses her mind rather than force. Have you ever wondered why she's the hero with the lowest damage output? That's because she was not made for straightforward assault. On the contrary, you have to use her camouflage and flank her enemy. This allows her access to information regarding the next move of the opponent as well as the next point of attack. Sombra can then use this information by relaying it to her teammates. Using Sombra effectively all depends on how she can be as stealthy as possible.

Next is Mei, who would rather make peace rather than war; thus, it is very unlikely to see someone like her in the heat of a battle. That characteristic shows in her fighting ability, which is not very satisfactory. Those who have played Mei would have noticed how long it takes for her most damaging shot to load, which translates that she doesn't really want to kill people. Mei works best when she freezes her enemy and she has to run away.

These are just some of the overviews how the storyline affects the ability and gameplay of the characters. Try to get to know your characters and device your strategy according to these tip to be more effective.

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