Clash Royale Update: Upcoming End-Game Is Not Another Arena?

Clash Royale developers are reportedly planning to add a new end game sans adding a new arena. It is expected that Supercell would no longer roll out a series of repetitive games for Clash Royale. In addition, Star Wars reportedly adds a character in Clash Royale for gamers to control.  

Supercell Did Not Plan To Be Repetitive

Online games have been noted to suffer the problem of being too repetitive for players. Clash Royale has been no exception as the developers have reportedly been adding arenas after another. On that note, the developers revealed that it was not their intention for Clash Royale to be repetitive.

On that note, a post on Reddit noted that a member of the Clash Royale development team revealed that the developers are trying to figure out ways to include a new end game to Clash Royale. Furthermore, the team has reportedly been looking at the process of solving the endgame without adding another arena. On the contrary, Supercell is yet to reveal what the new end game would look like.

Apparently, Supercell has noted that the content creation for Clash Royale reportedly was not able to keep up with the speed that players were progressing in the game. The same situation has been noted on Blizzard's World of Warcraft. On the contrary, the developers are reportedly exerting their efforts to study game completion to put players at ease.

Star Wars Changes Clash Royale

Meanwhile. The hit multiplayer game reportedly received the Star Wars: Force Arena in-game. The international soft launch reportedly added a leader character for Clash Royale gamers to control. Every leader character reportedly possesses special abilities and unique passive traits.

Clash Royale players may opt to play Boba Fett who is noted to put in 12 percent more damage when attacking another enemy leader. Fett may also fly over obstacles via a jetpack and is also equipped with a flamethrower and the Missile Strike ability. In addition, leaders are also packed with unique cards that may only be used in decks with their respective leaders.

Watch the gameplay here:


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