Nintendo eShop Delists The Amazing Spider-Man Games As PS4 Synopsis Leaks

The Amazing Spider-Man games recaptured the old school magic of 3D GameCube-era. However, most players noticed that it carried with it loads of bugs, especially in its second game. Although a sad news for those who got hooked up with it, the official copies were delisted from North America retail stores as well as eShops.

Amazing Spider-Man games Delisted From Nintendo eShop

Both versions of Spider-man releases are not rare, but gamers would agree that it is not common also. For the game's first run, the price ranged from $20-$30 in online shops. The second version, on the other hand, is only half that price.

The delisting of the game, according to fans, is understandable because Sony is prioritizing its latest Spider-Man treat. The upcoming project is in joint forces with Marvel Studios and will be released in Summer.

Aside from the Spider-Man games, NeoGAF also reported that the summer released game Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants In Manhattan has also be taken out from digital stores' lists. The news only means that it is not available anymore for Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and Steam. The digital copies are still available though.

Spider-Man PS4 Synopsis Leaked Through IMDB

The Spider-Man PS4 synopsis leaked via IMDB. If the leaks are true, the upcoming Spider-Man game will be the most unique of all released versions, Destructoid reported. Also, it is sure to please comic book fans because it will offer a different status quo and unpredictable perspective.

According to IMDB, Spider-Man PS4 will feature Green Goblin cooking a sinister plan. The plan will be evil that Spider-Man will have to shield his family. Despite the absence of many other details, fans are certain that its storyline will be epic.

Spider-Man PS4 was initially launched during the E3 2016. It is Insomniac Games from Ratchet and Clank that is crafting the title.

Watch the video about Spider-Man during the E3 2016 Trailer here:

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