Real UFO Video Recorded By Chilean Navy In 2014 Exposed

An alleged real UFO video recorded by two Chilean Navy officers was recently brought to public as the government reportedly failed to analyze what it really was. The supposed UFO spotted in 2014 was said to be flying in the atmosphere seemingly piloted by a well-experienced flyer.

The footage of the mysterious UFO that was recorded on November 11, 2014 by a pilot and a technician boarded on a Chilean Navy helicopter has been released for public scrutiny. CEFAA, a Chilean government agency for investigating UFOs, reported that the naval helicopter was out on the said date carrying out a routine daylight coastal patrol.

The two then reportedly witnessed a strange incident as the infrared camera of the helicopter captured an object flying before them. Being unable to identify what kind of space craft was hovering in front of them, the crew called land-based military installations and local airports to confirm air traffic and the object that appeared before them.

Again failing to get confirmation, the Chilean crew then tried to contact the space craft through standard civilian radio frequencies multiple times yet did not get any response as it was undetected by their communication lines. As suspicious as it was, the crew then thought that it was a real UFO video clip that they just captured.

According to The Daily Dot, the alleged UFO was flying at the same altitude of 4,500 feet as the Chilean Navy helicopter and was approximately 40 miles from them. Details on how the aircraft was flying suggest that the pilot of the air ship might have had years of flying experience as it was reportedly flying horizontally at a steady speed.

During the 9-minute recording the crew witnessed the unidentified aircraft ejecting a kind of material into the air which has been visible only through the infrared spectrum. The crew reported that the object is barely visible to the naked eye and the material it disposes disappears into the clouds. After the span of time, the alleged UFO then disappeared into the clouds. Following these mysterious activities of the aircraft, the Chilean Naval officers have been convinced that the flying object was a UFO.

However, according to the iDigitalTimes, the French UFO organization GEIPAN said after studying the video that what the crew witnessed might only be a "medium-haul twin jet aircraft" which is dumping wastewater before landing. The Chilean government insisted though that it was a real UFO video clip they recorded following the evidences they collected after investigation.

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