League Of Legends Warwick Rework Update: Did Singed Experiment On This Champion And Turned Him Into Wolverine?

A short story entitled "Engineering the Nightmare" was recently released by Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends Warwick Rework. This story reveals some important details on an experiment conducted by Singed. Some game analysts believe that the person subjected to the experiment could probably be the transformed Warwick.

Here's A Short Background Of Warwick

Originally, Warwick was a man who was known for his skill in tracking human specimens who are used in dark scientific experiments and researches. There came a time when his ambitions got the best of him. He wanted to become a formidable man hunter so he demanded from his friend Singed, a character of the League of Legends Warwick Rework, to give him a dangerous potion to drink.

Warwick Turned Into A Half Man Half Wolf

Singed of the League of Legends Warwick Rework warned him that the elixir is still incomplete but Warwick drank it anyway. That brew transformed Warwick in to a half man, half wolf, but with incredible strength and increased senses. Every day that he used his newfound abilities, the human part of his being continually slipped away.

Singed Tried To Improve The Beast

In "Engineering the Nightmare," Singed's experiment did not directly point to Warwick but on "Subject#1088." But the main thread of the story is somewhat similar. The experiment is supposed to create a "chimeric predator" out of the subject. Singed, of the League of Legends Warwick Rework, chopped off the subject's hand to induce the subject's regenerative powers and restore his body parts.

Singed even incorporated a metal claw on the freshly regenerating hands of the subject. He did this to improve the beast. But the subject was able to break free and had supposedly died while fighting Singed. He buried the subject but it had supposedly revived and came back and destroyed his laboratory.

League of Legends Warwick Rework Could Be About This Character

Some believe that this subject could be the character of the League of Legends Warwick Rework because of the similarities in some of the elements of the story. They also theorize that this character is somewhat similar to the Wolverine of the Marvel Universe. It is interesting to note that Warwick's gameplay is to claw his enemies and heal himself which is what Marvel's Wolverine is also capable of doing.

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