Tom Clancy’s The Division Guide: How To Stay Alive In Survival Mode

Tom Clancy’s The Division Guide: How To Stay Alive In Survival Mode
A new survival mode has been added to Tom Clancy’s The Division. If you want to survive this stage, you need the following strategies. Photo : Movie music/YouTube

Survival is the latest game mode of Tom Clancy's The Division. In this mode, you will be concentrating on surviving by scavenging resources and fighting off enemies. The setting is a version of Manhattan where food is scarce, weapons, gears and resources are very rare. This mode will take about 2 hours of play. But if you are already a pro, you can finish it in just 30 minutes.

But your completion will really depend on how you can survive the chaotic setting of the game. You will be thrown into a huge snowstorm where your helicopter had crashed. And the only thing to protect you is your sidearm. You need to get out of there. But you can only do that by scavenging resources to gear up and to fight infection. You need to use the following strategies to help you escape.

Learn The Base Mechanics By Starting In PvE Mode

Your first step is to learn the base mechanics of the gameplay, so start with the easier PvE mode. There are two modes in Survival, the PvE and the PvP. The latter will be more difficult if you don't know the base mechanics yet. Establish a looting route first and a safe path in the Dark Zone. You will use it for navigation and survival. If you have mastered this mode and you level up to PvP mode, your chances of surviving in Tom Clancy's The Division will increase.

Be Acutely Aware Of These Two Things Always

Since you are in a huge snowstorm and have suffered some wounds, you need to constantly monitor your temperature as well as your infection status. In Tom Clancy's The Division, you will have basic gear that will tell you the temperature of a place you are going to or the temperature outside your temporary hideout. This will help you decide on which clothes to wear.

The wound on your right arm may be the entry point of an infection, such as the smallpox virus. There are two things you can use, medicines and painkillers. They will slow down the infection process. But in Tom Clancy's The Division, there are only painkillers and no medicines inside the hideouts so you need to go out to get the medicines you need.

Avoid Enemies Above Your Level

At all cost, you must avoid enemies that you can't overcome. If you are not equipped with the proper gear, they will mow you down easily. Hide and wait until they are all gone. Or you can search for a route where you won't encounter them along the way. But if they accidentally spot you, run for your life. Your mission in Tom Clancy's The Division is to survive so there's no shame in running.

Scavenge For Resources And Scrimp On Them

Get every useful thing that you see on the ground before somebody else does. There is a chance that others may take them from you. So, manage your resources carefully and trade them with others but only in a safe place. Don't use your resources in Tom Clancy's The Division to create lower-quality gear. You need them to create high-end weapons as you get closer to the Dark Zone.

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