Stem Cell Therapy: New Treatment Repairs Heart Without Risk For Cancer

Another breakthrough awaits those who are interested in stem cell therapy. A new stem cell treatment is set out to repair damage in the heart muscle without increasing the risk for cancer.

When a person experiences a heart attack, the tendency is to have the heart muscles scarred or damage. However, a team of scientists from the North Carolina State University were able to successfully implant synthetic cardiac stem cells which reportedly repaired heart muscles that were once damaged by a heart attack.

Wall Street Pit  talks more about stem cell therapy and how it works as an aid to helping tissues repair itself. Though proven to be effective, downsides such as immune system rejection or cancerous growths can occur. The scientists took these risks and came up with something to eliminate or lessen it. Hence, the discovery of synthetic stem cells.

The Christian Institute explains that the cells are created by combining a synthetic polymer with proteins that are from human cardiac stem cells. As compared to other stem cell treatments, the treatment's nature of being partially synthetic removes the risk of cancer growth as they do not enforce unstoppable replicating and forming of tumors.

"We are hoping that this may be a first step towards a truly off-the-shelf cell product that would enable people to receive beneficial stem cell therapies when they're needed, without costly delays," said Ke Cheng, an associate professor of Molecular Biomedical Sciences at North Carolina State University.

According to him, the successful trial may be a go signal for patients to finally reap the benefits of stem cell therapy without the risks. And in contrast to natural cells, these newly discovered stem cell therapy  treatment are more stable. This makes excellent and suitable for use on other body parts. The best thing about it is that it is designed to bypass the patient's immune system therefore the cells can come from another person regardless of their relation.

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