Just A Few Days Into 2017 And London Has Already Broken Its Limits On Air Pollution

It hasn't been two weeks yet since the year 2017 has started and London had already broken their limit for the annual air pollution record. It has been apparent that air pollution is one of the greatest problems that the city is now going through.

Air Pollution In London Getting Worse; Exceeds Annual Limit Of Amount Of NO2

The King's College London is the one responsible for running the monitoring stations of air quality in the area. They have claimed that such air pollution problems have been the problem in many of the main roads in London; such as Oxford Street and Kings Road. They are to name a few of the most polluted air in the city. Thus, it has been monitored by the ones responsible that the city has already exceeded beyond their limits of annual NO2 in the air that they breathe.

According to the European law, the hourly limit of NO2 contamination should not exceed 200 micrograms per cubic meter for more than 18 times in a year. However, Brixton Road has already exceeded the limit during the first few days of 2017, exceeding the limit for 19 different occasions already. This has then clearly signified that they have exceeded the annual limit of only 18 times. There were reports stating that there was even a pint during the early days of the year that the excess was double the limit they have allowed.

Plans To Make Air Pollution Go Away Not Enough To Solve The Current Problems

The city has even recorded more early and unexpected deaths allegedly due to the air pollution that they are currently suffering right now. In the major roads of the city, it has been reported that the great source of air pollution in the area is the release of NO2 in diesel traffic. The concentration of the said chemicals gets worse on busy roads with enclosed buildings. There have been plans to improve this problem that they are currently suffering but it has been claimed by the Green Party during the London Assembly that plans were never just enough, there needed to be action done.

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