SNK Working On New RPG For Android And iOS

SNK has just dropped a new announcement and it has got avid fans all over the world in jitters as it revealed that they will be making a new role-playing video game for mobile. The said upcoming mobile video game application is still in the development and the company has already released some few juicy details for fans.

SNK, which was formerly known as SNK Playmore, has just revealed that they are currently developing a new mobile game application that will be a role-playing video game. The up and coming mobile game is set to be released on Android and iOS worldwide. They have made this announcement along with an update on their official website naming the video game, “New RPG Project Coming 2017”, which pretty much means there will be more updates soon.

Though SNK has yet to announce the official title of the upcoming RPG video game, the announcement on their site revealed most likely the characters that will be starring in it. Griffon Mask, who made a special cameo on “Fatal Fury” and “The King of Fighter, Tizoc” is seen promoting the news along with the company’s popular bunny mascot named Usataro. SNK has also further revealed that new game will have a plot set in an academy story wherein the elements of the hero drama are mainly incorporated within it.

SNK is highly known for their developments in video games that are designed for arcade games, console and PC games, and even pachislot machines. SNK is famous for classic video game franchises such as “Metal Slug”, “Samurai Showdown”, and “The King of Fighters”. But eventually, some years ago, they finally submitted into making video games for mobile devices since it was a gradually growing trend in the consumer technology area.

SNK has promised to reveal more details on a regular basis regarding their upcoming mobile game. Role playing mobile games are becoming a hit right now like “Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius” is even getting a collaboration with famous pop star, Ariana Grande. SNK’s upcoming mobile RPG is set to release in the spring of this year.

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