Nvidia Partners With Mercedes Benz To Make AI Cars

Nvidia is well known in the gaming world as a manufacturer of graphics processor technologies. So it's a little bit shocking yet exciting that it shook hands with also well-known automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz. The anticipated product of the team up is apparently an artificially intelligent car.

During this year's CES, Nvidia and Mercedes-Benz revealed their plan to build a smart car with Nvidia-powered AI by the end of 2017. Jen-Hsun Huang, the CEO of Nvidia, together with Sajjad Khan Sajjad Khan, the vice president of Mercedes-Benz Digital Vehicle and Mobility publicized the initial stages which was revealed to have started three years ago.

"When our teams came together there was instant chemistry," said Jen-Hsun. "We share a common vision about how AI can change your driving experience and make it more enjoyable."

"Mercedes-Benz and NVIDIA share a common vision of the AI car," says Jen-Hsun. "At this point, it is clear AI will revolutionize the future of automobiles." He also says that there was instant chemistry when the two teams came together, with similar views on AI changing the driving experience and making it more enjoyable.

Nvidia summed up the numerous works it has done in AI including one big feature named Co-Pilot. Data is gathered from sensors inside the car and also outside of it with the use of cameras and microphones. Facial and voice recognition are also embedded. It will then alert its driver of any existing threat.

An example shown during CES would be a biker in a nearby lane. When a driver doesn't really pay attention, a short alert should help them guarantee they are not going turn in front of the biker that is not visible to them. The system is also able to analyze the facial expressions of the driver to check if the driver recognized a potential risk.

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