Netflix Launches Video Game Based On ‘Stranger Things', ‘Narcos', And More Of Its Popular Shows

Avid fans of both television series and video games are in for quite a ride as Netflix greets the New Year with a new feature. Just recently, Netflix has launched a video game based on some of its popular television shows for more people to enjoy. The said games encompass characters from everybody’s favorite series such as “Stranger Things”, “Narcos”, and more.

Netflix has just given a fun surprise for both binge-watchers and avid gamers as it launched a new feature that nobody would expect from them. The said popular online streaming platform has released a side-scrolling video game that features none other than the popular characters from its successful original series. This is indeed a treat since Netflix is known only to focus on streaming movies and television series, which included their original works.

Being the current largest standalone streaming service in the United States and most likely in the world, this could just mean bigger bucks for Netflix. But nobody really cares about that right now since the simple yet colorful video game looks so cool. The Netflix game is designed in 8-bit rendition and offers various scenarios based on the character used.

As of now, there are four available scenarios from four different characters namely, Pablo Escobar from “Narcos”, Marco Polo from the series of the same title “Marco Polo”, Piper Chapman from “Orange is the New Black”, and Mike Wheeler from “Stranger Things”. People streaming movies and series on Netflix can play the various games while waiting for their viewing choice to buffer.

Pablo Escobar from “Narcos” aims not get to caught in Columbia while Piper from “Orange is the New Black” tries to catch chickens as she evades cafeteria trays in her way. Mike from “Stranger Things” along with Eleven tries to outrun the eerie Demogorn, while Marco Polo tries to get past through angry men in the Mongol empire. The games are as easy as playing Nintendo’s “Super Mario Run” as users just have to utilize the spacebar.

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