Overwatch Update: Several Character Changes Plus Updated Emoji

Blizzard development team remains true to their dedication on bringing some coolest updates and game additions to their first person action shooter Overwatch. In the latest news, it looks like the team is already pushing their efforts on bringing another update this 2017. Apparently, the testing for the future update has now begun. The latest update covers the buff on Sombra, nerfs on several characters and bug fixes on the recently released Oasis map.

According to the report from The Bitbag, the changes that will be added to the next update of Overwatch can now be seen on Public Test Region. These changes are being tested out and will be uploaded to the latest version of the game later on.

Meanwhile, regarding the hero balancing, several top tier picks have been nerfed such as Ana, Roadhog and D.Va. The healing boos of her Biotic Rifle is now being reduced by half. The reason for this reduction is due to the current state of her healing which is just too effective.

On the other hand, Roadhog's hook ability is now being nerfed following a massive public request. Roadhog's hook will be unable to go through walls in the next update. Lastly, it seems like the charming South Korean frontliner D.Va is also being nerfed. The recent nerf will affect both of her offense and defense potential. Based on the report, her bullet damage will be reduced from 3 to 2 while her armor will be down from 400 to 200.

However, to compensate the lost, D.Va will be receiving an adequate boost by increasing her health and fire rate. Meanwhile, the recently added character Sombra will be receiving some love. Her Hack ability will now take 0.8 seconds to work on her enemies instead of the full 1 second.

Moreover, Blizzard's plan for this year is finally arriving in the next update. As reported, players will be able to equip sprays, four emotes and voice lines soon. Finally, the newest map called Oasis are receiving maintenance due to some known issues during its release. 



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