How To Add More Games To The NES Classic Edition

No matter how much Nintendo tries to fight those who are trying to bank on their franchises, they can't seem to stop it. After closing down a number of fan-made Pokemon games, they now have to deal with players hacking the Nintendo NES Classic Edition to add more games.

The mini NES Classic had been released by Nintendo with 30 pre-loaded games. Lately, though, a group of modders in a Russian gaming forum started discussing that they were able to hack the console and add more games including Mega Man, River City Ransom, and Battletoads.

One forum poster who goes by the name madmonkey posted the video how to hack the NES on the forum. His method was simple and does not even require a screwdriver. What he did was create a save file at the starting slot of the Super Mario Bros.

What he did was to connect the NES console to a computer using a USB cable. Then, he booted it using 'FEL,' which is usually used when you program devices through the USB. After that, he copied the information to his computer and modified it with a tool he referred to as a 'hakchi.' Once he added the NES ROM files onto his computer, hakchi overwrites the information inside the NES with a new one including the new games.

Madmonkey is not the only one who has done the hack. Another forum member called Cluster also posted a streamlined version of the hack using a second version of the tool he called 'hakchi2.'

However, those who have downloaded the tools and used it reported that their computers have flagged both hakchi and hakchi2 as viruses. Some people think that these can just be false positives but a lot of people don't want to take their chances. The process has been uploaded on YouTube. Here's the link in case you are curious about it.

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