Famitsu Most Wanted Games Chart Of The Week: Dragon Quest 11 PS4, Monster Hunter XX, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Top List

Final Fantasy 7 Remake reportedly made its way to the second place of this week's famed Famitsu Most Wanted Games chart in Japan. This week's chart has been noted similar to last week's as Dragon Quest 11 PS4 version is still reportedly the chart-topper for this week. Furthermore, the game release date for 2017 in the best consoles of 2016 have already been announced.

Dragon Quest 11 3DS In Third Place In Famitsu Chart

The game chart reportedly listed Dragon Quest 11 twice with the 3DS version placing in third after the Remake version of Final Fantasy VII. Coming in the fourth spot is the RPG Monster Hunter XX. Following the game is Resident Evil 7 in fifth place and the RPG from Square Enix--Kingdom Hearts III in sixth place.

It should be noted that Final Fantasy VII Remake has reportedly been scheduled to launch this year. Likewise, Dragon Quest 11 is also slated to launch in several platforms including the upcoming Nintendo Switch this year. Other games listed on the famous chart include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Nioh completing the Top 10 with Nier Automata and Super Robot Wars 5 as runners-up. Note that the Zelda game is also believed to grace the Nintendo Switch this year.

PS4 and Xbox One To Get Final Fantasy VII Remake in 2017

In other news, Square Enix is yet to reveal more details on the Final Fantasy 7 Remake since announcing the game at the E3 2015 event. On the other hand, the Australian retail site EB Games has reportedly been advertising the Final Fantasy VII Remake on the retail site. Note that Square Enix is yet to confirm the listing.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is reportedly being advertised for the Microsoft Xbox One as well. However, it is yet to be announced on which console the game would launch first. However, it should be noted that Sony previously announced at the E3 conference that Final Fantasy 7 Remake would be played first on the PS4.


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