Final Fantasy 15 News: 3 Things You Need To Know About Ultros

Final Fantasy 15 developers reportedly released a new bonus scene from the fan-favorite Kingsglaive. The New Game Plus mode was also added to the game. In addition, the game developers are reportedly promising to give back to its community.

Two-Minute Kingsglaive Scene Spotted On YouTube

The marketing plan of Final Fantasy 15 reportedly opted to add the creation of side projects including a feature-length film called Kingsglaive. Featured in the two-minute video was the massive baddie Ultros. The giant squid-like enemy reportedly appeared in multiple games in the franchise.

It has been noted that Ultros is a character that makes witty jokes in the midst of battle. Fortunately, the octopus has been noted as a medium challenge to dispatch. The video reportedly showed the protagonist in battle with Ultros that ends up as the evening meal.

It is expected that fans would be talking more about Final Fantasy 15 from the video. In the meantime, Final Fantasy 15 still rakes in positive reviews and is noted as one of Game Rant's Top 10 Games of the previous year. On the contrary, several players have noted that Final Fantasy 15 may have felt unfinished. On that note, Square Enix reportedly promised to add contents for the game well into 2017.

Final Fantasy 15 Director Promises To Give Back To Fans

Meanwhile, Square Enix and the director of Final Fantasy 15 Hajime Tabata reportedly greeted players for 2017. Moreover, Final Fantasy 15 developers are expected to continue development of the game even after its November release. On that note, several DLCs may be expected for a 2017 and a 2018 release as well.

Final Fantasy 15 DLCs are reportedly aimed to patch the holes that critics found in the game for a more streamlined version. It is yet to be revealed what Square Enix is planning for Final Fantasy 15. In the meantime, pop-star Ariana Grande reportedly announced her appearance in the mobile game rendition of Final Fantasy, the Brave Exvius.


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