Mass Effect Playable At Early Date For Selected Ones; PS4, Xbox One Resolutions 1080p, 900p Respectively

The Mass Effect official Twitter page reportedly unveiled that the upcoming RPG third-person shooter Andromeda may be playable earlier for players who subscribe with EA Access. BioWare is also rumored to reveal the multiplayer mode for EA Access users. On the contrary, it has already been confirmed that a season pass for Andromeda will not be available.

No Story Mode, 10-Hour Limited EA Access to Mass Effect: Andromeda

EA Access subscribers have been noted to play hit titles before releasing in the public. While several EA titles may have opted to skip out on the early access period, Mass Effect: Andromeda players may get to experience the game on Early Access. It is speculated that the EA Access trial for the Mass Effect: Andromeda RPG may only allow players to play the game for 10 hours similar to other games on the service.

Alternately, Mass Effect: Andromeda players may be blocked out of playing the full story entirely. It is also believed that BioWare would allow EA Access users to try the multiplayer mode instead of the story mode. The latter is expected to give Mass Effect: Andromeda fans a taste of the game without giving away spoilers for the non-EA Access subscribers.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Official Release Date Is On March 21

Meanwhile, the release date of the new Mass Effect for this year has already been revealed along with the gaming platforms including PC, PS4 and Xbox One. However, BioWare general manager Aaryn Flynn reportedly confirmed that there may not be a season pass for Mass Effect: Andromeda. Flynn reportedly revealed the news via Twitter.

Mass Effect: Andromeda DLCs are also being held back by the developers at the moment. Additionally, EA's Titanfall 2 was also excluded from getting a season pass. In the meantime, Mass Effect producer Michael Gamble reportedly confirmed that Mass Effect Andromeda would be available on Origin Access. Watch the Mass Effect EA Access on Xbox One here:


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